Tuesday, 1 March 2011

America's Next Top Model is back!

To say that I am ANTM fan would be an understatement, so when the chum told me that the first episode of cycle 16 was available on YouTube all other activities were pushed aside as the new American beauty's were revealed on my small laptop screen...

There is a slight twist to the new cycle ( I won't reveal to much for those of you who haven't seen it yet) but all I will say is that emotions are most definitely tampered with.
The first guest judge of the season is none other than the beautiful Erin Wasson, who offers great advice to the final 14 and we also get to see her new jewelry range - we also get reminded of how beautiful this woman actually is!

Love this style Miss Wasson has going on


The chosen 14 on their first catwalk assignment.
They wear  Alexandra Wang accompanied with  Erin Wasson Jewellery
Tyra Banks, in true Tyra Banks style introduces the new cycle in a very amusing manner. We see her dress up as 3 different characters that are stereotypically the type to enter the competition, it is so humorous because it is so true!

Tyra reinacting the 'stereotyipal' antm candidate

The chosen 14 are thrown straight into deep end for their first catwalk assignment where they are required to walk on water in an air bubble! They are also photographed backstage by top fashion photographer, Russel James.

A sneak peak at one of the backstage pix

As usuall there are some very big characters in the new cycle and within the first couple of nights in the Malibu Penthouse several catty comments are muttered, its going to be great!!!

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