Monday, 28 February 2011

Some fab buys

When in New York I, like I think any sane person would, ended up spending far to much money and bought lots of newbies for the wardrobe, but being the student that I am I was on the hunt for some real bargains!

These Black Boots are Jeffrey Cambell, they were my best buy being reduced from $215 to $89. Any of my friends will say that I already have far to many boots but I think you would agree that I would have been insane not to get these beauties!

Another bargain and a half, these heels are from ALDO and were reduced from $130 to $30!!!
I have been after some new Shoe Boots for so long now. I have already got a pair of nude heels but I think the buckles along side the wood effect heel and platform add a little edginess to these beauties. I will wear them with anything ranging from the little black dress to the stone wash skinny's.

I went a little mad in Urban Outfitters and alongside several other garments I bought this Men's Wear top for $9.99

These trousers are from Zara, they have been in store for quite a long time now and I have had my eye on them since day one. They were around the £35 mark and I found them for $9.99, this of course meant that I ended up buying them in two colours!


  1. you last pair of aldo boots made my heart flutter! so sexy yet military. OHH! gorgeous picks babe! and score! love your outfit ensemble! you have the pierfect figure for those pants! good pick!

    love from your admiring stylist,

  2. Aw thanks :) They are the pride of my wardrobe at the mo I love them! Ive just had a look at your blog, its great and lots of good styling advise! You now have a new follower x

  3. the heels are soooo cute!

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