Monday, 28 February 2011

Some fab buys

When in New York I, like I think any sane person would, ended up spending far to much money and bought lots of newbies for the wardrobe, but being the student that I am I was on the hunt for some real bargains!

These Black Boots are Jeffrey Cambell, they were my best buy being reduced from $215 to $89. Any of my friends will say that I already have far to many boots but I think you would agree that I would have been insane not to get these beauties!

Another bargain and a half, these heels are from ALDO and were reduced from $130 to $30!!!
I have been after some new Shoe Boots for so long now. I have already got a pair of nude heels but I think the buckles along side the wood effect heel and platform add a little edginess to these beauties. I will wear them with anything ranging from the little black dress to the stone wash skinny's.

I went a little mad in Urban Outfitters and alongside several other garments I bought this Men's Wear top for $9.99

These trousers are from Zara, they have been in store for quite a long time now and I have had my eye on them since day one. They were around the £35 mark and I found them for $9.99, this of course meant that I ended up buying them in two colours!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

To Fringe or not to Fringe?

For those who know me well will know that I have been rocking the fringe look for about a year now. I do enjoy the look, but am starting to think about growing it out because there are only so many things you can do with your hair with 'La Frange'.

If I do grow it out I will grow into a middle parting as this is what seems to be the look for this spring/summer and to be perfectly honest I love how versatile this style makes your locks.
I always love how Whitney Port has her hair, our hair lengths are about the same and a similar shade of colour so I am hoping that it will look something a little like this...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mr Michael Kors

I am currently doing a fashion show proj at uni and the designer I decided to use was none other than the incredible Michael Kors. Kors clothing could not be more me, I like to think that his designs are created with me in mind ( a girl can dream can't she!?) I adore the whole 'ready to wear status' and simple yet elegant style he has going on with all of his collections. Mr Kors is the perfect candidate I have in mind for when I become rich and famous and am in need of a personal designer...

Here a few of my fave from his autumn/winter 2011/12 collection from New York fashion week

Kors collections have been referred to as 'conventional' and not 'edgy enough' but this is what I really do love about his designs. Don't get me wrong, I do love a bit of couture but isn't it nice to watch a catwalk where we see outfits and think 'oh wow I could actually put that look together'.

Fashion takes The Moors

Jacket: All Saints
Shorts: Next

Dress: All Saints

I took these Photo's the summer just gone for a uni project named 'Fashion Space'. They were taken in Dartmoor and the bff posed for me (I am very lucky to have a besty that is so photogenic). Everything Pheeb wears is her own, the majority of garments are from either All Saints, Zara or Topshop. The location and overall look of the images were influenced by two photoshoots, 'Will of the Wisp' and 'Northern Exposure' available for your eyes on the Marie Claire Website.

 A sneak peak at a few of the Pix that inspired my photoshoot...

From Left to Right:

First two images,'Will of the Wisp' Photoshoot, Photographed by Ellen Nolan and styled by Arabella Greenhill

Friday, 25 February 2011

New York Baby

One Day...

The City that never sleeps

Time Square

The New York Library

Although Hershey's chocolate has nothing on our Cadbury's I thought this bear made up for it!

I have recently got back from a uni trip to New York. It was my first time in the 'Big Apple' and it was every bit the concrete jungle I thought it would be. Its official, I heart NY x

I forgot to mention...

Cheryl Cole. My absolute hero! I have got mega love for this lady (ok I have a slight girl crush on her). I could talk about Miss Cole for ever and a day, in fact I probably do. I love her for her style, her hair, her pure likability, basically I am a huge huge Cheryl fan x 

Take one...

Well here is the first of what will hopefully be millions.
I am very new to the blogging world but due to one of my beautiful besties, Miss Phoebe Dixon, and much advise from my tutors at uni I thought it was about time I did something with my loves and likes in life and start recording them in my own blog.
I love love love photography (fashion in particular) and will be posting several of my own photographs on here. Being a fashion student and a self confessed shopaholic clothes are huge joy in my life, more of a must have than a ' I would like' necessity, therefore I am sure that several images of either new items of clothing I have purchased or outfits ' I simply need' will be constantly available for your eyes. 

Wish me luck x