Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New heels put to the test

The New heels were put to the test on a night out, a night that that consisted of 5 hours of lots of dancing. I would love to report that they were 'so comfy I could have been wearing flats' butttt I would be lieing.

I teamed them up with a pair of Leather shorts from Topshop and Lacey top from Urban Outfitters

I was a little upset that my new pride and joy did not live up to the comfort that I believed they would but I did manage a whole night without slipping on the flats (perhaps because I was to stubborn to admit that I was in fact, in agony). However, I still stick by what I said on my earlier blog, I would have been stupid not to have bought such a beautiful bargain - the pain was 100% worth it :) 

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