Monday, 7 March 2011

Summer is on its way and so is the new wardrobe...

I know it is only March, but it is around the time that everybody is thinking about booking their summer holiday. I am heading to Sunny Spain for 10 days with the Gals and then am travelling around Bali and its fellow islands for a month in August with the Boyf.
Travelling and holidaying are one of my main passions in life as is shopping for the new bikinis, summer dresses, sandals, sunglasses etc that are required for such a summer. However being the holiday hogger that I am the bank statements are always a little scary to look at so I aim to get as many bargains as humanely possible!

The Classic Bando Bikini. I love this floral one from H & M which is only £9.99 for the top and £7.99 for the briefs.

I am a bit of a leapord print fan and this bikini is top of my wishlist from River Island. Bikini: £14.99, Brifs £9.99

As I said I am a bit of a leapord print fan... I love the simplicity of these sandals, the print gives a little oomph to the classic style, these beautys are from River Island £29.99

I really love this style, River island
  Primark: £5

I got this Maxi Dress as a xmas prezzy, it was in the Topshop sale for £10

This dress is actually an oversized top from Urban Outfitters. I will also pair it up with some short shorts or leggings if it gets a little chilly

I bought this top from Australia last year and have worn it for so many different occasions. It is perfect for a night out and for a day walking around in the sun.

Every girl needs a pair of denim Shorts. These are a boyfriend fit from H&M, I wear them with a skinny brown belt as high waisted shorts or just sling them on over my bikini.

Another Urban Outfitters bargain

Topshop Sale

Sheer shirts are a must have in the sunmmer wardrobe. I find them so versitile and they look stylish when worn in any way shape or form.
Primark £10

The Baggy T-shirt is ideal in hot, sticky weather.
Topshop sale

Oversized sunglasses. I dont care what anybody says these will always look great and in fashion. They are perfect for when you have been sunbathing by the pool or on the beach with a makeup free face and don't really fancy being seen by the world!
Primark £1.50

I am in love with this summer dress from the 'Love' collection at Topshop £34.00


  1. how lush are river island shoes right now!!!
    after this weekend,I have about 5 on my wish list for summer now,
    some very similar to them sandals included,but slightly different dont worry

  2. so jealous of your Bali trip. It's the one place I want to go to, but just can't afford the plane tickets.